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March 2015


Maple Soy Salmon

March 30, 2015
Maple Soy Salmon

Oily fish is well known as a good source of omega 3 fatty acids which hold many health benefits. I often find myself not eating enough fish so I wanted to create a quick, healthy and yummy recipe that of course was fructose friendly and would encourage me to reap the benefits that the good ole’ oily fish has to offer! Continue Reading…

Eating Out

Bear & Bean Cafe – Geelong

March 26, 2015
Bear & Bean Cafe

Recently opening in the Little Ryrie St carpark, this trendy new little cafe would have to be in my top 3 cafes of Geelong. Not only do they have delicious menu, but it also includes a range of specifically fructose and FODMAP friendly options. Now you know why it has to be in my top 3!! Continue Reading…


Dukkah Marinated Drumsticks

March 23, 2015

I’ve never been a huge fan of chicken breasts, they just doesn’t seem to have the same delicious flavour as chicken off the bone. I whipped these drumsticks up the other night to have on the BBQ whilst we had friends over and they were a hit! They don’t take too much time prepping yet are full of flavour. Continue Reading…


Fructose Friendly Guacamole

March 20, 2015

I’m sure that people think I am strange when I stand in the aisle at the supermarket checking the ingredients and 10 or more brands of the same product, only to find it contains onion or garlic in some form! This is especially true when it comes to dips so its much easier to make your own.

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Wildings Pantry Spice Blends

March 18, 2015
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My local green grocer has been stocking Wildings Pantry for quite some time and it is always a regular item on my shopping list, especially the Middle Eastern Z’aatar! But recently I bumped into Wildings Pantry at the Little Creatures market and had a lovely chat with them. They were more than helpful in assisting me to choose which blends I was going to purchase and the best thing was there was multiple choices!! Continue Reading…


Dairy Free Strawberry Cheesecake

March 15, 2015

Over the weekend we had some good friends come to visit and as I usually do, I decided to get cooking! I love the fact that when you are cooking for yourself you know EXACTLY what is going into your meal and don’t end up with any little surprises! One of our visitors was lactose intolerant so coming up with a FODMAP/dairy free dessert was a must. We couldn’t have anyone missing out on dessert, that is the best part of a meal!

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Cinnamon Nuts

March 13, 2015

Previously I always loved snacking on honey coated nuts and now days I’m just jealous when I’m visit my local farmers market and I see all the tasty coated morsels! Its fairly rare that there are ones that are fructose friendly, so i decided to create my own! It only takes a few minutes and minimum ingredients to create a delicious healthy snack. Nuts are packed with protein and good oils, however you will have to use your will power and not eat them all at once if you want to stick within the FODMAP guidelines!! Continue Reading…


FODMAP Friendly Lasagne

March 6, 2015
Lasagne served-min

One thing that I miss eating the most being on a fructose free and FODMAP diet is my mum’s lasagne! It was always the meal that we requested when she asked us what we wanted for dinner and being from a family of four children, it wasn’t a meal that she always had time to prepare. Whenever we did get lasagne for dinner there were no complaints to be heard! So when it was requested to me the other night to make lasagne for dinner I thought maybe some of you would appreciate and fructose and FODMAP friendly version. Continue Reading…


Choc Peanut Butter Sandwich

March 2, 2015
choc pb sandwich-min

Well apparently it ‘National Peanut Butter Day’ in the states today, I’m not sure that such a thing exists in Australia but I don’t need a reason to eat peanut butter! Peanut Butter is one of my favourites and what better way than to have it than sandwiched between two rounds of chocolatey goodness. This ‘chocolate’ is also dairy free and remind me of the good old coconut rough chocolates from the milkbar. Continue Reading…