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Bear & Bean Cafe – Geelong

March 26, 2015
Bear & Bean Cafe

Recently opening in the Little Ryrie St carpark, this trendy new little cafe would have to be in my top 3 cafes of Geelong. Not only do they have delicious menu, but it also includes a range of specifically fructose and FODMAP friendly options. Now you know why it has to be in my top 3!!

FODMAP Friendly Sausage Roll

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked in and saw a FODMAP friendly sausage roll sitting in the display cabinet at Bear & Bean! Unfortunately they were so popular that they practically walked out the door and the customer ordering in front of me ordered the last one (sad face!). I was reassured they are to be a regular item on the menu so I’ll be heading back sooner rather than later to try one. One of my favourite fructose friendly options on the menu so far is their Vietnamese inspired pork roll and the staff were more than helpful in checking that it would be suitable, even going back to the kitchen to check the labels of ingredients used for presences of sneaky onion or garlic. Also stocking a range of ‘raw’ desserts, I’m told that their dessert maker is working on trying to produce some fructose friendly options also. But feel free to take your lactose intolerant, gluten free or vegan friends here to sample the tasty looking sweets in the meantime!

Fructose Friendly Vietnamese Pork Roll


Raw Raspberry CheesecakeNot only does Bear & Bean have delicious food, but their cafe space is also impressive. The roof is covered in a hand drawn mural drawn by staff and the front door features a graffiti art mural. This funky space creates a very relaxing vibe, and my favourite feature would have to be the hanging planters on the exposed brick wall. Bear and Bean do a fantastically quick takeaway lunch, with 15 minute free parking located virtually just outside their doorstep. All in all a fantastic cafe, catering well for those with food intolerances. I just can’t wait until they are open on the weekends too!

Bear & Bean Interior


Bear & Bean Cafe is open 7am -5pm, Monday – Friday and located in Little Ryrie Street Car Park, Geelong.






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