Fructose Friendly Guacamole

March 20, 2015

I’m sure that people think I am strange when I stand in the aisle at the supermarket checking the ingredients and 10 or more brands of the same product, only to find it contains onion or garlic in some form! This is especially true when it comes to dips so its much easier to make your own.

Tip – if you are not using a whole avocado at once, keep the half that has the stone in it and it will help to prevent it from going brown.

A few simple ingredients is all it takes to create a tasty homemade dip and the best thing is that you know there are not going to be any sneaky preservatives or flavour enhancers. The lime juice in this recipe acts as the preservative and stops the avocado from oxidising (or better know as going brown!). Avocado is an ingredient that can sometimes be a bit of an issue on a low FODMAP diet as it contains polyol-sorbitol so its important to know your boundaries. I’ve been lucky enough to identify that I am ok with a small amount of avocado however I wouldn’t go and eat this whole recipe by myself in one sitting! I often ask for feedback on certain ingredients over on my instagram account and I’ve found that quiet a few followers can tolerate some avocado. This makes this recipe a good one to make to be shared if you have friends coming over or you’re taking something to share at a BBQ, and I guarantee your non-FODMAP friends will love this one too!



1 avocado

2 tomatoes

Juice of 1 lime

Salt & Pepper

Wildings Pantry Vietnamese jungle salt

Gluten free corn chips to serve


1. Spoon the flesh of the avocado out into a medium sized bowl and mash with a potato masher. I like to leave mine a little chunky but you dont have to!

2. Dice the tomatoes into small cubes and add to the avocado, seeds, juice and all! Add the lime juice along with salt and pepper to taste combining well. Getting the salt and pepper combination right is the key to this dip so keep tasting as you add.

3. Just before serving sprinkle the Vietnamese jungle salt over the top and serve with corn chips. I purchased plain 100% corn ones from my local greengrocer which just happened to be organic also!





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