Lewis & Son Sausages

February 21, 2015
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I am a HUGE fan of summer! I love the warmer weather and would much rather a 40˚C day than a rainy, freezing cold winter’s day. I can’t think of anything better than spending a day out at the beach in the sun and then cooking up a BBQ and enjoying a warm evening outside. Throw together summer meals are also so easy and cooking a BBQ is very social. Whip up a salad or two and there you have dinner!

I discovered Lewis & Son fructose and FODMAP friendly Italian sausages recently at Geelong fresh foods and couldn’t wait to try them. For a pack of five I paid $10.49 and they were worth every cent! You can check out the Lewis & Son website to see where you can buy their products closest to you.

So I fired up the BBQ and started cooking, it wasn’t long before I could smell the delicious aromas and what I thought was a distinct smell of fennel. I went back to double check the ingredients on the packet and sure enough, there it was listed, whole fennel seeds. Yum! This sausage isn’t your typical fatty, processed, plain tasting sausage. I made sure not to prick the sausages as per instructed on the packaging and the flavour was surely contained. The premium quality of the beef used was also very noticeable without being one of those ‘tough’ sausages that is more like cooked mince in a sausage casing.

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As I do the majority of the cooking in our house my boyfriend has to eat fructose and FODMAP friendly with me, so I am always wanting to ensure I’m not compromising on flavour. He loved these sausages just as much as I did and they definitely got the BBQ worthy tick of approval! It can be difficult when you’re invited to a BBQ at a friend or family’s house and you’re just not sure what ‘friendly’ options there will be, however now my problem is solved. I know what sausages I’ll be taking and I wouldn’t be surprised if they want ‘a bite of the action’ too!




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