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Low FODMAP Veggie Burgers

November 7, 2015
Low FODMAP Veggie Burgers

I’m the sort of person that HATES wasting food, so it’s no surprise when my lunches are often comprised of leftovers. On average, Australians waste up to 20% of the food they purchase each year or if we look at that in dollar terms around $1036 a year! Continue Reading…


Cinnamon Nuts

March 13, 2015

Previously I always loved snacking on honey coated nuts and now days I’m just jealous when I’m visit my local farmers market and I see all the tasty coated morsels! Its fairly rare that there are ones that are fructose friendly, so i decided to create my own! It only takes a few minutes and minimum ingredients to create a delicious healthy snack. Nuts are packed with protein and good oils, however you will have to use your will power and not eat them all at once if you want to stick within the FODMAP guidelines!! Continue Reading…


Haloumi & Tomato Salad

February 24, 2015
HALLOUMI & TOMATO SALAD | this easy and yummy salad is up on the blog. Summer might be over but there is still plenty of time for fresh, delicious salads!

Salads are my favourite during summer, and they usually only comprise of a few simple ingredients. It’s all about using ingredients that are fresh and in season and you’ll end up with a tasty side to any meal. This one I created the other night for dinner when we had some friends over. I also like having quick and easy recipes up my sleeve for when guests are over so you’re not spending all your time in the kitchen and not socialising!

Continue Reading…