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Where to Eat With a Food Intolerance or Allergy?

September 10, 2015

Eating out with a food intolerance or allergy can be a challenge. Do you find yourself wanting to try somewhere new and delicious but not really wanting to risk that you won’t be able to eat anything on the menu? Well do I have just the thing for you!

If you live in Victoria or plan on visiting Melbourne any time soon, then I recommend you download the app ‘Nourishing Adventures’ and do it ASAP! Melbourne has endless amounts of dining options but narrowing down where to try with an allergy or intolerance can be a real art form as explained by Haylie, the part creator of the app.

Haylie & SebastianIntroducing Haylie, a mother to 14 month old Sebastian, a teacher and a health enthusiast! She loves exploring the world, especially food, learning about healthy lifestyles, sustainable living and supporting local producers and creators.

Haylie and her husband make up the Nourishing Adventures, of course helped by their son Sebastian when it come to the taste testing! (He’s a real cutie isn’t he!) Her husband developed and maintains the app, while Haylie takes care of the research and social media side of things.

I was really excited when I found the Nourishing Adventures app, so I just had to find out more! It turns out that the team at NA know all too well the challenge of eating out with Fructose Malabsorption, amongst other intolerances. Here is my chat with Haylie…

Q. What was your motivation behind creating the Nourishing Adventures app?

My husband and I suffer from many intolerance, including Fructose Malabsorption, so it makes eating out very difficult and frustrating. Every weekend I would spend an hour searching the internet and instagram in the suburbs we would be near, trying to find somewhere we could eat. We got to the point where we had so many cafes scribbled down we needed somewhere to put them all! So we made ourselves a directory, and thus, Nourishing Adventures was born! We knew other people suffering from intolerances, allergies or just trying to eat healthy would be facing the same difficulties locating cafes when on the move, so we decided to share our directory with the rest of Melbourne!

Q. What types of food intolerances or allergies are covered in the Nourishing Adventures app?

Dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, fructose and FODMAPS. Many of the cafes also have allergies listed such as sesame and nuts. We also cover vegetarian, vegan and the paleo lifestyle options, and list organic, supporting local farmers, sustainable, ethical and fair trade.

Q. What locations are covered in the Nourishing Adventures app?

Any location in Victoria that we have been able to find that cater for the above food options. We have a beautiful community of people who email, message us on facebook and tag us on instagram, so we are starting to cover a lot more of Victoria with each update.

Q. Do you have plans to expand the app to outside Victoria?

Not at the moment. Perhaps we will look into that in the future!

Q. How often are you adding new establishments to the Nourishing Adventures app?

We are continuously adding to our database, and hope to update it in the app stores every three months. We aim to have an update through in late spring/early summer.

screen322x572screen322x572 (1)Q. How do you see the cafe/restaurant scene changing in the future for those with an allergy or intolerance?

It has changed immensely in the past few years already! I was always unable to drink coffee out unless it was a long black  (being intolerant to dairy and soy!) and now there is a huge amount of cafes stocking Almond Milk. It’s really wonderful to not only see cafes changing their menus to cater for all kinds of dietary needs, but to also see them take on a healthier approach to their menu as a whole by using wholefoods, organic, fairtrade and locally sourced produce. I think Melbourne is developing a much healthier approach to living and this enables people like us, with many dietary needs, many more options when eating out.

Q. What are some of your personal favourite eating spots from the app?

We absolutely love Red Robyn, Admiral Cheng Ho and Heal Thy Self.Co. For dessert we adore Pana Chocolate (who doesn’t!) and Raw Trader.

Q. Do you have any tips for eating out with an allergy or intolerance?

Don’t be embarrassed to ask lots of questions. Time and time again, when we haven’t asked for exact ingredients there’s hidden dairy or wheat in there! It’s not worth getting sick over and most cafes are really open to and considerate when catering for your needs.

And finally Haylie has shared a yummy Chia Pudding Recipe from her blog. Definitely a winner for an easy breakfast as it’s best prepared the night before and ready to go in the morning!


4 tablespoons of Chia Seeds
350mls of Almond or Coconut Milk
1 tablespoon raw sugar or 1 teaspoon Stevia
Vanilla essence/vanilla pod
Fruits/nuts/seeds of choice – pick what you can tolerate


1. Warm almond milk on the stove, then pour into a mixing bowl.
2. Add Chia seeds and stir well (many will still float at this stage).
3. Add vanilla & raw sugar and continue to stir well.
4. Rest for 5 minutes and again stir well to get rid of any clumps
5. Cover and leave to rest overnight or for a minimum of two hours to break down any anti nutrients, allowing the seeds to digest easier (this is important, especially for children).
6. Divide into 4-6 servings for children or 2 for adult servings (recommended serving for children who don’t regularly eat Chia is 1-2 teaspoons so you are able to monitor digestion/reactions like with any new food).

I love Chia seeds! I put them in everything as they are a good source of protein, omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and high in dietary fibre! Chia seeds were actually used in Mexico before the use of wheat grains as they have a low GI and provide sustained slow release energy! – Haylie, NA App

A huge thanks to Haylie for chatting about the app, and an even bigger thankyou for developing such a great tool!! Don’t forget to head to the app store to download it, it’s free!!




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  • Reply Anna Harding June 30, 2016 at 7:21 am

    I have tried the App Store but can’t find Nourishing Advetures. Can you give me some suggestions

    • Reply Melissa June 30, 2016 at 7:39 am

      Where are you based Anna? And what sort of places are you looking for?

  • Reply Bridget July 31, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    Same here. It says it isn’t available in the Australian store. I have tried several times. I live in Melbourne too.


    • Reply Melissa August 18, 2016 at 6:39 pm

      Sorry ladies!! Just checked it out myself and looks like it’s been removed. The app still works for me as I already had it downloaded, such a shame!

    • Reply Melissa August 18, 2016 at 6:45 pm

      In Melbourne there are so many places that are great with low FODMAP. Maha is one of my favourites, Red Robyn is a great easy option and Kong is fantastic for any intolerance too. The list is too long to list them all! Are you looking for anything in particular? Myself and Steph from Friendly Little Kitchen are also holding a low FODMAP lunch at Grub Food Van in Sept, would love to see you there!

      • Reply Bridget August 18, 2016 at 7:23 pm

        Hi Melissa

        Thank you so much. That sounds amazing. What is the grub food van? I would be very keen to go. I was just looking for some good places to eat out at as it’s hard to find suitable meals.

        • Reply Melissa August 18, 2016 at 7:32 pm

          Grub Food Van is a restaurant in Fitzroy, they have developed a 3 course low FODMAP menu for us! You can find more info here It can be tricky to find suitable places to eat, I find it more trial and error as to how accommodating places will be. A lot more places are becoming aware of the low FODMAP first now though and are happy to accommodate if you ask. Hope that helps!

  • Reply Belinda July 30, 2017 at 10:59 pm

    I am looking for FODMAP, coeliac, meals to be delivered that are more old fashioned. Not into Indian or lots of Mexican foods. Don’t mind small amounts of Thai or Chinese but mainly meat, 3 veg. I am disabled, can no longer cook (had passion for) can swallow small chunks only with disability and eat prob a tea saucer of food for dinner. So don’t eat much, but not being able to cook is causing problems and weight continues to drop. Any ideas…

    • Reply Melissa October 18, 2017 at 10:39 pm

      Hi Belinda, where are you based? I know of a few places in Melbourne that do low FODMAP meals. Foddies is one in particular. Luckily for us low FODMAP options are becoming a lot more prevalent. Feel free to email me if you like!

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